Wet Weather Hillclimb Sees Milliner Win

Photos by Aaron Smith

Spanning the weekend, the first round of the MGCCQ Hillclimb Series got underway last weekend at Mount Cotton with a decent field of competitors.

Saturday proved to be mixed times as drivers got back into the groove of this highly competitive sport as the rain came and went. Starting off dry, the field got underway and drivers were setting good times. The rain began to fall as the specialty Hillclimb cars were about to start, causing them to return to their pit bays.

A number of drivers kept to the schedule and attempted runs, although slower than their past run, with a number of cars sliding off the slippery course.

The rain stopped, the track began to dry and times once again began to fall. The open wheelers were able to head out and times were looking much better with some low 40 second passes.

Sunday was much the same with the rain coming and going, although this time it mostly stayed. The track was wet and at times the rain was falling hard. Most competitors stayed dry with only a small number taking to the track.

With the event called off just after 1pm, and the top six not to run for safety concerns, the times for most had not improved and the time sheets were filled with many DNRs (did not run).

The fastest time for the weekend was set by James Milliner, 42.23 seconds, in his OMS 2000M which is in the Formula Libre – Up to 1300cc class. Milliner set this time on his second run on Saturday and only did two more passes with slower times over the weekend.

Second for the event was Neil Lewis with a time of 43.01 seconds in his Fly 001 which is in the same class. Third place went to Dean Amos in the Gould GR55B with a time of 43.40 seconds. Amos only had one run over the weekend and was able to hold on to third thanks to the weather and he also took top spot in the Formula Libre – 1301 & Over class.

The next Hillclimb at Mt Cotton is April 28-29 and you can find out more information by visiting the MGCCQ page.

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