NSW Win Queensland Hillclimb Championship

The Eureka Landscapes Queensland Hillclimb Championship at Mt Cotton saw a blues verse maroons battle with New South Wales taking home the gold.

In what was a marvellous race meeting, records across many classes fell with the fastest time ever on the MG Car Club Queensland track set early on race day.

Saturday was practice and a number of competitors used the time to set up their cars and learn the track. With track temperature around 27 degrees and clear skies over head, the conditions were near perfect.

Zaid Latif in his Lotus Exige made the most of his Saturday practice with around 20 runs on the hill. This worked as over the course of the day Latif was able to continually improve his time and gain more confidence.

Also hitting the track for a couple of runs was Malcolm Oastler in his OMS 28 hillclimb special. Oastler did a warm up pass and was able to hit a low 35.88 seconds before packing up in readiness of Sunday’s racing.

Race day was packed with action with thrills and spills and many of the class records falling. The Thunderbox Tool Boxes – Group R – Racing class saw a good battle between Bill Norman and Gregory Tebble.

Norman failed to start the first two runs with Tebble doing a pass in 43.84 on his third run. He was then beaten by Norman who set a 42.21. On their fourth pass Tebble set his fastest time of the day, 42.77, with Norman just tipping him with a 41.88 which also set a new class record. Unfortunately Norman would end his day with a fast trip into the nuts at the bottom of the hill when his left front suspension failed.

French Car Care – Formula Libre – 751 to 1300cc had five entrants battling for the class win and outright honours. Over the seven runs there was only one driver who went below the 40 second mark. 22 year old Michael von Rappard in his father’s Dallara Hayabusa F392 set a cracking 37.94 second run on his second attempt and couldn’t better it over the day. This time was also fast enough to take third outright for the event.

The class that see the fastest cars is the Accurate Suspension – Formula Libre – 2001cc & over. Filling the class was New South Welshmen Ron Hay in his Synergy Dallara F3, Malcolm Oastler and Queenslander Dean Tighe in the Dallara-Judd 4.0.

The opening run saw Hay hit a 43.27, Oastler run a 36.54 and Tighe a 38.18. With the second pass both Tighe and Hay lowered their times but it was Oastler who set the best time of the day and the fastest seen at Mt Cotton.

The previous record of 37.42 set by Peter Gumley in June 2007 was knocked off by Bega resident Oastler when he did a pass in 35.25 seconds. The crowd, other drivers and the commentator were all in shock with the time set.

When asked what draws Oastler to Mt Cotton he said The Queensland Hillclimb Championship is a beautiful track and a mate of mine had the lap record.

“I had to beat him. It is a bit of a magnet.

“The run today was pretty good, spot on. It wasn’t perfect but got to save something for the next bloke.”

When questioned if he could go faster, “I think if I went around again today with the same conditions with new tyres you could go another half a second faster.”

1st – Malcolm Oastler – 35.25
2nd – Dean Tighe – 36.95
3rd – Michael von Rappard – 37.94

The next Hillclimb at Mt Cotton is round four of the Hillclimb series on June 24 and 25.

New Records in Class

R. Automotive – Circuit Excel
Old Record: 51.77 Chris Donnelly – Hyundai Excel, 2015 – New Record: 51.06 Mark Pryor – Hyundai Excel

DA & BJ Cotton – Group T
Old Record: 48.51 Roy Davis – Triumph GT6, 2013 – New Record: 47.56 Roy Davis Triumph GT6

DA & BJ Cotton – Group O Racing
Old Record: No Record – New Record: 52.11 Stephen Purdy CRD F3

DA & BJ Cotton – Group Q – Sports
Old Record: No Record – 56.87 Alan Telfer Lotus Seven

Thunderbox Tool Boxes – Group R – Racing
Old Record: 42.48 Ron Hay – RH Honda, 2007 – New Record: 41.88 Bill Norman Ralt RT4

Buying Cars Today – Road Registered – Up to 2000cc
Old Record: No Record – New Record: 53.19 Noel Dore Volkswagen Beetle

Buying Cars Today – Road Registered – 2001cc & over
Old Record: No Record – 47.57 Harry Doling Toyota Soarer GTT

Brisbane Watch Repair – PRC Rally Car
Old Record: 52.82 Ray Evans – Ford Escort, 2015 – New Record: 52.23 John Gibson Mitsubishi Lancer GSR

Thunderbox Tool Boxes – 2F Production Sports Cars – 1601 to 2000cc
Old Record: 49.30 Zaid Latif – Lotus Exige – 2016 – New Record: 46.93 Zaid Latif – Lotus Exige

Accurate Suspension – Formula Libre – 2001cc & over
Old Record: 37.42 Peter Gumley – Wortmeyer SCV, 2007 – New Record: 35.25 Malcolm Oastler OMS 28

For full results visit: MGCCQ

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