2021 Recap and Final Weekend Review

By Michael Burke

2021 has been a hard-fought season, some great racing, and a few challenging weekends.

The championship was a hard-fought contest, coming down to the last weekend (double header) with any of the top 17 teams in with a chance to win the class.

After the last racing of the year, most teams were wondering where we all finished, as it was that close.

At the announcement of the results, we finished sixth in our class, we were hoping for a higher result but saying that we were only 45 points off the win for the year. This meant that if we were one place further forward in the last race, we would have netted a third place outright, it really was that close.

Mick Burke
Mick Burke

I was pleasantly surprised to have been nominated as one of the most improved drivers of the year, that was a wow moment for me.

Our final round was at Orange Kart Club (my home track) with one race each day, different track layouts and very different weather conditions on both days.

Friday practice was in the dry, we ran two different chassis to try things out, until we found are main chassis was cracked, and the other kart’s engine was not 100 per cent. This meant we had a late afternoon into the evening swapping parts and the engine from one chassis to the other, not ideal but needed to be done.

Saturday was moist, water across the track moist, some were waiting for Noah to arrive, and it was cold. The race ended up being cut short by two hours due to the lake that had formed on the track.

This didn’t play into our strategy with pit stops, as a formula was used to even everyone out and adjusted it to the same stops as each other and moved us down the results table costing a few places. We ended up P5 from 17 karts in class.

Sunday was a dry race with starting positions determined by the Saturday finishing order. We got a reasonable start, until I got pushed off and into another wall (second time this year) backwards, which also saw another four karts caught up in the incident.

Mick Burke
Mick Burke

I pulled us out of the gravel trap, got going again but it was a tough first 30 minutes of the race getting turned around twice more by the same driver. I ended up being three laps down by the end of my first stint.

We were down but not out, we kept to our plan, kept the eyes forward and slowly moved forward to end up P4 from 17 in our class with another shortened race by 52 minutes.

2022 will be a new year, a reset for all teams and we have our eyes set on moving forward up the results sheets and hoping for some podiums through the season.

Thanks to all my supporters and I’m looking for some more partners to work with this season.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance

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