Honda’s New AG

From the streets to the dirt tracks, Honda motorcycles have proven their worth with riders’ enjoyment for decades.

Now Honda are introducing their new AG bike, the AG-XR, the all-new farm machine hitting Honda show rooms.

Designed for total convenience, the AG-XR is ADR compliant straight from the factory and LAMS approved. It can be road registered without requiring additional parts.

Thanks to electronic fuel injection; a first for a Honda AG bike, the high performance 184cc engine starts first time even in cold weather. It also delivers more accurate throttle response and consistent power output.

The AG-XR will get the job done efficiently with standard electric start as well as a back-up kick start and clutch lock which allows the bike to stay in gear in situations when the rider needs to get on/off quickly. (e.g. opening and closing gates).

A true work horse with a heavy duty rear rack for carrying essential equipment (max. 20kg) and a spring loaded clamp on the front rack for smaller items (max. 3kg).

Off-road tyres (21″ front, 18″ rear) deliver plenty of grip when riding on the farm and “Big foot” side stands on both sides of the motorcycle prevent the AG-XR from sinking into soft ground and allow for greater flexibility when parking on sloping ground.

The Halogen headlight has high and low beam settings for safe riding at night or during low visibility days.

Large front mud guard with an additional mud flap provide extra protection and prevent mud from accumulating on the engine as well as lever guards which help prevent brake and clutch levers from breaking in the event of a minor accident and protect rider’s hands.

The AG-XR has a wide seat for long working hours and the low seat height (823mm) reduces stress on the body when continuously getting on and off the motorcycle.

Available for an MLP of $4,499.

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