Suzuki Vitara Series II GL+ Test & Review

The small SUV market is packed with all makes and models and can be a real challenge to find one that is worth your hard-earned cash.

The Suzuki brand has a decent heritage with the Vitara and although it may be vastly different from its 1988 release model and more recently the not so inspiring pre 2015 models, the latest variant ticks plenty of boxes.

The line-up consists of the GL+, GLX and GLX ALLGRIP and has two different engines and comes in manual or auto. The model we powered around town in was the GL+ with the 1.6L petrol running through a six-speed torque converter gearbox. This engine puts out 86kW and 156Nm, which for around town and cruising down the highway it is just enough.

Although it is classed as a small SUV, the Vitara is actually big inside, and it is impressive how much gear you can get in it. There is also plenty of leg and head room for average sized adults. The drivers’ seat is in a well-judged position and finding the right spot is easy.

The dash and seven-inch touch screen are modern and simple to use and the buttons on the steering wheel are inviting and easy to reach.

While it would be awesome to have a car that is perfect, there is yet to be one and the Vitara does have something. The plastics on the doors and boot and boot lid seem cheap and are easy to mark with a shoe or box. Despite that, the Vitara is impressively functional and has a useful 375 litres of space in the boot.

Suzuki has a way to make something that really shouldn’t drive nice, drive nice. They did the right thing with the transmission by not fitting a boring run of the mill no feel box. While there is not a lot of power, the Vitara weighs in at just over 1,200kg and even when loaded with the family it doesn’t affect the drive dramatically.

The Suzuki Vitara Series II GL+ 2WD automatic starts at $26,990 plus on road costs and for that price and what you get, makes the Vitara a fierce contended in the small SUV field.

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