Toyota’s Magnificent Seven

The Tokyo Motor Show has seen many cars from manufactures in concept stage. Toyota has reveiled seven concept cars to reveal a dynamic future of desirable vehicles offering mobility for everyone, including cars that will drive themselves and alternative powertrains that rely on renewable energy.

The seven concepts confirm that future Toyota owners will be offered stylish vehicles including a sports car, a premium performance sedan, a flexible off-roader and innovative vehicles that can be operated regardless of a person’s driving ability.

Toyota’s show cars present a significant step towards sustainable mobility with fuel-cell and battery-electric powertrains as well as advances in Toyota’s existing hybrid and conventional engine technologies.

The concepts build on Toyota’s commitment, as worldwide partner of The Olympic Games and The Paralympic Games, to create an opportunity for people to challenge the impossible and defy their limitations.

The seven vehicles are:
GR HV Sports Concept: A sports car with a racing-inspired hybrid powertrain.
Fine-Comfort Ride sedan and Sora concept bus: Fuel-cell vehicles.
Concept-i (four-seat sedan), Concept-i RIDE (two-seat city car) and Concept-i WALK (for pedestrian areas): Battery-electric vehicles.
Tj CRUISER: A new type of off-roader combining an SUV and a van with petrol and hybrid options.

Future motorists looking for a fun open-top sports car with performance derived from Toyota’s latest motorsport-developed hybrid technologies will be tempted by Toyota’s GR HV Sports Concept.

High-performance motoring is also central to the Fine-Comfort Ride concept sedan which is designed for a 220km/h top speed, a sprint to 100km/h in just 5.4 seconds and a 1,000km range on a single fill of hydrogen sourced from renewable energy.

This premium sedan and the Concept-i series of electric cars apply artificial intelligence to recognise emotions and estimate driver preferences, combined with automated driving technology for maximum safety.

In addition to the ground-breaking four-seat Concept-i, Toyota has revealed the two-seat Concept-i RIDE that can accommodate anyone including wheelchair users and the elderly, plus the Concept-i WALK for use in areas frequented by pedestrians.

Toyota displays show it has not forgotten its off-road heritage with the breakthrough Tj CRUISER that combines the flexibility of an SUV with the storage capacity of a van, powered by advanced hybrid or petrol engines.

The final concept is another fuel-cell vehicle, the Sora concept bus. A production version will go on sale next year with more than 100 to be introduced ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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