Toyota Camry Test & Review

Facelift for Popular Camry

Earlier this year Toyota released the facelifted Camry that brings a bold new look to the safe four-door sedan.

At the front, a bolder, stronger-looking grille and front bumper give the car a more imposing road presence while inside, a redesigned dash offers improvements to both ergonomics and visual appeal.

The Camry has always felt like it is the safe and boring option for a four-door sedan with some bits of fun in the sportier models. Now though, Toyota have made improvements that not only make the new Camry look a whole lot better, but it just is more fun to drive without the stigma of being a car for your grandfather.

Toyota Camry Ascent

While they do a hybrid, of course it is Toyota, the petrol engine variants of the new-look Camry feature a new 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine producing a fun 152kW of power, 243Nm of torque and is matched to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Something that is rather surprising for just a petrol virent is the fuel economy. The Camry is given 6.8 litres per 100km and while that is a good number, it performed better and got down to 4’s. Impressive for a large sedan.

The inside of the Camry, much like many of the other Toyota’s coming in, is a fairly basic and plain dash layout. While functional and offering plenty of technology, it is just a little, well boring. But what it lacks in style, it fills in with intelligent technology and intuitive features with better audio and app connection.

The upgraded Camry has the latest in Toyota Safety Sense technology including automatic collision notification (ACN), SOS emergency call and stolen vehicle tracking (SVT), as well as exceptional passive safety features.

Toyota Camry Ascent

There are not a lot of four-door sedans left to choose from that don’t cost as much as a house, but the Camry is one of them and driving it is comfortable with serious dynamic road manners to make every journey a pleasure and a little bit of fun.

If you want to just drive it here and there and do school runs or trips to work, the Camry will do all of that with no problem and will look the goods. If you want to use the power it has on a weekend spirited mountain drive, the Camry will also handle this with ease.

It is understandable why the police use them and why they make great taxis. They look good and they are rather nice to be in plus they have the power when you want it. The new look Toyota Camry has hit the marks Toyota were aiming at.

Toyota Camry Ascent Petrol – $35,192 driveaway (prices subject to vairy)

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