Peugeot Saws into New Range

Peugeot are drilling into a new line with the introduction of cordless tools to the European market this year.

The Peugeot management are grinding at the idea of introducing these tools to the Australian market with sales to commence in Europe in early November. Peugeot introduced the tools at the commercial vehicle auto show in Hanover.

Peugeot will launch eight new cordless tools for 2018. The hammer drill, jack hammer, circular saw, jig saw, orbital sander, angle grinder, restorer and multi-function tool will power even the most demanding DIY enthusiasts.

Their sleek and modern design is signed by Peugeot Design Lab. Building upon more than 200 years in the business, Peugeot is expanding its new range of cordless tools.

Their batteries are all interchangeable and the hammer drill and the jack hammer can drill through the most resistant wood and concrete.

The most fastidious DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the LED lighting on the jig saw, and the circular saw equipped with a laser for high-precision cutting. The orbital sander can be gripped at the front or the top. The angle grinder, the restorer (for stripping), and the multi-function tool for cutting, hollowing and sanding all surfaces, complete the range.

The designers at Peugeot Design Lab have brought a modern identity and dedicated ergonomics to each of these new tools. Their sleek style emphasises their sturdiness and compactness. The colour combination is inspired by the “clean-cut” two-tone paint by the Peugeot 3008 and the 308 GTi. The dual-material handle makes them sturdier to hold and provides optimum comfort for use.

These new Peugeot cordless tools complete the offer launched in mid-2017 with the Energy Drill tools (drills and screwdrivers). They raise the profile of Peugeot Outillage on the growing portable electrical tools market. With its new range of tools, Peugeot, a manufacturer of saw blades since 1810, is reconnecting and building on its past.

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