New Models and Upgrades Planned For 2022 Isuzu D-Max Range

Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) is set to strengthen the Isuzu D-MAX 1-tonne ute portfolio with new variants, a new engine option and customer-driven upgrades for the upcoming 2022 (22MY) range.

Due to arrive in dealerships in the first-quarter of 2022, the updated 22MY D-MAX range is IUA’s most comprehensive starting line-up to date and introduces updates based on feedback received from customers and the media over the past year.

Six new models are set to strengthen the 22MY Isuzu D-MAX ute range, offering one of the widest selections body styles, tray-configurations and powertrain options available across the Australian 1-tonne ute segment.

Starting the range, the SX grade adds three new variants; the SX Space Cab Chassis 4×2 Auto which will be powered by the existing 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine and two SX Single Cab Chassis 4×2 variants, which are both powered by Isuzu’s frugal RZ4E-TC 1.9-litre turbo-diesel engine paired with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Available in the Australian market for the first time, the RZ4E-TC has earned its stripes in overseas markets for its supreme fuel efficiency and refined and quieter operation, generating 110kW of power and 350Nm of torque—making it the ideal match to the entry-level SX Single Cab Chassis 4×2.

22MY Isuzu D-MAX 1.9L Engine Bay.

Braked towing capacity on the lighter-weight RZ4E-powered SX Single Cab Chassis 4×2 Manual and Auto is 2,800kg and 3,000kg respectively, with both models rated to tow 750kg unbraked.

The 4JJ3-TCX 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine remains an available choice in all D-MAX variants including the SX Single Cab Chassis 4×2, offering 140kW/450Nm from the largest-capacity 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine available in the ute segment. Coupled with a 2,550mm-long alloy or steel tray, the D-MAX SX Single Cab Chassis 4×2 is set to offer fleet, tradesmen and small business operators an economical and practical choice in the showroom and on the road.

For drivers requiring more cabin space, the new D-MAX SX Space Cab Chassis 4×2 Auto joins the 22MY range. Powered by the 4JJ3-TCX, this versatile workhorse adds rear wing cabin doors and a worksite ready 2,100mm-long alloy or steel tray.

Developed on the feedback from customers, IUA is set to add two new mid-spec variants to the 2022 starting roster. Available in the highly versatile Crew Cab Chassis configuration, the D-MAX LS-M Crew Cab Chassis 4×4 Auto and D-MAX LS-U Crew Cab Chassis 4×4 Auto are both powered by the proven 4JJ3-TCX 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engine with 4×4 Terrain Command and rear diff-lock, and features a 1,800mm-long alloy or steel tray. Favoured for its versatility, high payload capacity and touring and towing credentials, the LS-M Crew Cab Chassis 4×4 and LS-U Crew Cab Chassis 4×4 is the perfect option for tradesmen, families and travellers who are looking for a tray-back crew cab chassis to carry gear, tools or to outfit with a canopy for the road ahead.

22MY Isuzu D-MAX 4×4 X-TERRAIN – Front Seat.

The sixth new addition to the D-MAX range is the new D-MAX LS-U+ Crew Cab 4×4 Auto. A step between the flagship X-TERRAIN and LS-U, the LS-U+ adds class and luxury by way of a sumptuous leather-accented interior with variably heated front seats, with the driver’s featuring 8-way electric adjustment with electric lumbar support, along with a host of welcomed additional features.

Streamlining the range to focus on customer needs, expectations and consumer trends, the D-MAX SX Space Cab Ute 4×2 Auto and D-MAX SX Crew Cab Ute 4×4 Manual have been discontinued for 2022.

Starting at the top, since launch the 21MY D-MAX X-TERRAIN 4×4 was adorned by many as one of the most feature-packed, stylish and best-value ute in the segment. The 22MY iteration improves on that philosophy adding more value, style and substance throughout, with variable heated front seats, vanity mirror light, auto-dimming rear view mirror, heated door mirrors, factory-fitted tow bar and tasteful black and red accents to the interior.

The ever-popular mid-range D-MAX LS-U Crew Cab Ute and LS-U Space Cab Ute gains the additional convenience of Smart Keyless Entry with push button start, Walk Away Door Lock (WADL) that automatically locks the doors when the driver walks away, an auto-dimming rear view mirror and a factory-fitted tow bar receiver and tub liner. The same additional features are equipped in the 22MY D-MAX LS-U Crew Cab Chassis 4×4, but without the tub liner due to the fitment of the 1,800mm-long alloy or steel tray.

22MY Isuzu D-MAX 4×4 LS-M Crew Cab Chassis Heavy Duty Alloy.

The new D-MAX LS-U+ Crew Cab Ute 4×4, features similar equipment as the LS-U Crew Cab Ute with the addition of the Smart Keyless Entry, WADL and auto-dimming rear view mirror, but with the addition of premium black leather-accented upholstery and interior trims. Adding a touch more comfort to the package, the front seats are variably heated, with the driver’s featuring 8-way electric adjustment with electric lumbar support. Additional equipment adds convenience and substance, with a vanity mirror light and heated door mirrors, along with the factory-fitted tow bar receiver and tub liner. 

Adding another level of safety when reversing, the LS-M Crew Cab Ute 4×4 gains Rear Parking Sensors, which work in conjunction with the Reversing Camera that is standard equipment across all D-MAX models.

As part of IUA’s commitment to customer satisfaction—and those customers who are waiting patiently for their order—all current 21MY D-MAX vehicle orders placed before 31st July, 2021 will be price protected and at IUA’s discretion any unfulfilled 21MY D-MAX orders will be upgraded to the 22MY specification at no additional charge.

From Q1, 2022, the flagship 22MY D-MAX X-TERRAIN 4×4 is planned to be available for $62,990 Drive Away.

22MY RRP – available from Q1, 2022 (Excludes Dealer Delivery, Stamp Duty, Registration & CTP)

CabinBodyGradeEngineTransmissionRRP Including GST
4 x 2SINGLECab ChassisSX1.9LMT$31,200
4 x 2SINGLECab ChassisSX1.9LAT$33,200
4 x 2SINGLECab ChassisSX3.0LMT$33,200
4 x 2SINGLECab ChassisSX3.0LAT$35,200
4 x 2SPACECab ChassisSX3.0LAT$38,700
4 x 2CREWCab ChassisSX3.0LAT$41,700
4 x 2CREWUTESX3.0LAT$42,900
4 x 2CREWUTELSU3.0LAT$51,400
4 x 4SINGLECab ChassisSX3.0LMT$41,200
4 x 4SINGLECab ChassisSX3.0LAT$43,200
4 x 4SPACECab ChassisSX3.0LMT$44,700
4 x 4SPACECab ChassisSX3.0LAT$46,700
4 x 4CREWCab ChassisSX3.0LMT$47,700
4 x 4CREWCab ChassisSX3.0LAT$49,700
4 x 4CREWCab ChassisLSM3.0LAT$52,800
4 x 4CREWCab ChassisLSU3.0LAT$58,200
4 x 4CREWUTESX3.0LAT$50,900
4 x 4CREWUTELSM3.0LMT$52,000
4 x 4CREWUTELSM3.0LAT$54,000
4 x 4SPACEUTELSU3.0LAT$56,400
4 x 4CREWUTELSU3.0LMT$57,400
4 x 4CREWUTELSU3.0LAT$59,400
4 x 4CREWUTELSU+3.0LAT$61,900
4 x 4CREWUTEXT3.0LAT$65,900
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