Mitsubishi Confirms Pajero Final Edition

Mitsubishi Motors Australia has confirmed specifications for the Pajero Final Edition. Only 800 units of the Final Edition will be released in the Australian market.

The final edition specification includes a final edition badge, bonnet protector and leather compendium. Other items include the rear boot flap and cargo liner.

Owen Thomson, Senior Manager of Product Strategy said the Pajero is an Australian off-road icon, able to take on the toughest 4WD challenges.

“It has a unique place in the hearts of 4WD enthusiasts. The Pajero has been a trendsetter – introducing monocoque body construction to the 4×4 offroad large SUV segment.

“As well as Super Select 4WD with a lockable transfer case, enabling superior grip of 4WD on bitumen surfaces for added control. And, let’s not forget, it was the Pajero that introduced independent rear suspension to the mass market large offroad SUV, when rigid axles were the norm in this class. This kind of forward-thinking is central to Mitsubishi DNA.”

Pajero features an easy-to-use practical interior design, with 7” smartphone link display audio, DAB+ radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth connectivity with voice command and steering wheel controls as standard. Climate control, leather-wrapped steering wheel and high contrast LCD information display are standard features.

Pajero features a versatile 7-seat arrangement configurable to your situation at any given time. The 3rd row seats can be easily stowed under the cargo floor resulting in up to 1069L of storage (VDA measurement to top of 2nd row seats), or removed completely.

By incorporating a lightweight and highly rigid monocoque body with a built-in ladder frame, that provides added resistance to torsion, and flexing and fixing them atop a dynamic independent suspension, Pajero achieves an unprecedented combination of all-terrain control and luxury-sedan comfort. For added durability, Pajero also uses galvanized steel body panels, while the aluminium hood panel reduces weight for better handling.

Pajero’s rally-proven all-wheel independent suspension gives drivers confident, predictable handling in even the most unpredictable road conditions. The front double-wishbone and rear multi-link suspensions use coil springs to provide quick and natural response, especially when cornering.

The independent suspension, coil springs and monocoque body all work together to provide a greater degree of suspension travel. The result is impressive road-handling and greater stability even over the roughest off-road conditions.

The 3.2L DI-D (Direct Injection Diesel) engine provides superior power (141kW) and torque (441 Nm), especially at low and mid rev ranges. The Common Rail injection system electronically controls fuel intake to deliver precisely the right amount to each cylinder, while the direct injection system enables efficient combustion resulting in combined fuel consumption of 9.1L/100km according to the NEDC test cycle.

More than a technology, All Wheel Control is our guiding philosophy. Incorporating an array of innovative systems into an integrated performance and control network, AWC delivers precise traction, power and slip control for each wheel independently to ensure complete driver control even in extreme handling conditions.

With its Super Select II 4WD system, staying in control is second nature to Pajero. Delivering performance under the most challenging driving conditions and rugged terrains, this advanced technology provides the option of four driving modes: 2WD High Range, Full Time 4WD and High and Low Range 4WD with locked centre differential.

Pajero also offers a rear differential lock for extreme off-road conditions, delivering the traction and handling needed to prevent wheel slip and navigate treacherous situations.

Towing your boat, caravan or trailer is a breeze with Pajero’s impressive power and torque providing a comfortable 3,000km towing capacity.

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