GWM Scores 5-Star ANCAP Rating

The GWM Ute has been confirmed as having received a 5-star safety rating as a result of independent testing by ANCAP. It becomes only the third vehicle in its segment to achieve the highest rating under the strict 2021 ANCAP protocols.

With confirmation of the 5-star ANCAP result, GWM will now commence the next steps of enhancing its business across Australia & New Zealand through a number of initiatives to help expand the GWM Ute’s presence across corporate and fleet categories.

Prior to the 5-star ANCAP announcement, GWM Ute was unable to be considered by many corporates and fleets. But now that the rating is secured, GWM will strengthen its focus across these areas to add corporate and fleet buyers to the many thousands of satisfied private buyers that have taken home a GWM Ute since it was launched in late 2020.

Since launch, the GWM Ute has been roundly praised for its segment-leading value and combining this with a 7-year warranty, 5-years roadside assist, competitive Capped Price Servicing and now a 5-star ANCAP rating, savvy business buyers would be well advised to take a closer look.

In further recognition of the growing opportunity for Australia’s fastest-growing Ute brand, GWM will introduce a new Dual Cab Chassis version of the Ute sometime early in 2022. Supplied with factory-fit aluminium tray, this new model will provide additional appeal for Australia’s huge army of tradespersons and primary producers.

In addition to this, GWM is also exploring local options for vehicle enhancement, engineering and tuning to further strengthen its appeal to Australian buyers.

With nearly 6000 sold in its first 12 months on sale, the GWM Ute has hit the ground running and is now poised to further establish itself as a vehicle that should be on every Ute intenders list, whether you’re a private or fleet buyer.

This post was written by Car and Bike News


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